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Breckland Ranch - Homepage
7500 De Wolf Road
San Angelo, TX 76904
(432) 528-7402

Rules and Regulations



• Drawing blood is considered a KILL!
• No cutting of trees or branches.
• No driving personal vehicles on ranch roads without permission from Breckland Ranch representative.
• Please report any fence or other problems to your guide.
• NO SMOKING IN BLINDS OR INSIDE ANY BUILDING! If you must smoke in the field, please be responsible and do not throw out your butts!
• Treat this ranch as if it were your own and you will be welcomed back as a preferred guest. • Expandable and mechanical broad heads are acceptable.
• No stalk hunting unless approved by your guide.
• Smallest caliber of rifle allowed for hunting is a .243
• No pets allowed unless approved by Breckland Ranch representative.
• All minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
• No animals or birds shall be field dressed/cleaned within 50 yards of any existing blind and feeder.
• All local, state and federal laws will be strictly adhered to. No individual shall exceed the legal "bag limits" allowed by law.
• A valid Texas hunting license is required before ANY hunts.



• No loaded guns allowed in the Lodge.
• No smoking inside the Lodge.
• No mud in the lodge – must change hunting boots and clothes in mud room before entering the main part of the lodge.
• Please shut off all lights and fans when not in use.
• After staying at the facility, all used beds are to be left "unmade" unless you change the linens yourself.